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Voiceover Actress Sends Bid To Jeep To Appear In Automaker’s Commercials

Long time Jeep owner and voiceover talent Kelley Buttrick was profiled by FCA Authority where they featured her KB4Jeep efforts.


Kelley Buttrick is a Georgia-based voiceover actress who has worked for well-known brands like McDonalds and Whirlpool, but she has yet to land a gig with her favorite brand: Jeep.

As AdWeek reports, Buttrick recently commissioned digital marketing agency Prolifik to help her shoot a series of videos appealing Jeep to hire her to do voiceover work for their commercials. The videos tell the story of how she came to love the Jeep brand and why she’s an appropriate fit for the brand today. They also show off her voiceover skills, of course.

Just some of the clients that trust Kelley with their message...

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