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There is power in the sound of a smile.

A study out of the University of Portsmouth demonstrated that a smile is something you can hear.

“When we listen to people speaking we may be picking up on all sorts of cues, even unconsciously, which help us to interpret the speaker,” said lead author of the report, Amy Drahota in Science Daily.

Advertising and video production maximizes the use of smile especially in voiceover.

“Make no mistake about it. The smile in your voice is the difference that makes the customer feel you are there for them, that they are the most important person in your life, and that they can trust you.” – Bob Janet, The News.

The University of Portsmouth report said there are more than 50 different types of smiles.

When a director asks a voiceoever talent to add warmth, more often than not, it means add smile.

Voiceover is an excellent place to demonstrate the power the sound of a smile since the actor’s face isn’t seen.  Warm, friendly reads dominate productions selling baby products, amusement parks, fast-food restaurants, and many others.

Kelley Buttrick’s smile can be heard in friendly female voiceover recordings for companies like McDonald’s, Disney, Amazon, Toys R Us, Garmin, and many others.

Kelley Buttrick...always smiling, prepared, and early to the session. That alone makes her a pleasure to book. But there's more...she strives for excellence and brings enthusiasm and energy to every voiceover project. She makes my job as a director easy.


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