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There is quite a variety of words used in project specs to describe what’s known in the VO industry as a soft-sell read: sultry, romantic, breathy, sexy, intimate, sensual, etc. But, it’s not all sex. Soft Sell is used to market food, spas, restaurants, luxury cars, travel destinations, etc., in addition to romantic projects.

My soft-sell vocal attitude has been used to sell cars at Acura, Audi, Infinity and Volvo dealerships, and I’m lucky to be the long-time commercial voice for Spa Sydell, one of Atlanta‘s biggest spa chains. I’ve also sold the romantic destination of Tahiti for Paul Gauguin Cruise Line. I always worry my stomach will growl when voicing soft sell for food products like Honey Bunches of Oats Greek and PopTarts.

It’s hard not to giggle a little in my head when asked to do a romantic soft sell. Despite being a married mom of two probably not wearing make-up and sporting an old t-shirt voicing in a windowless booth, my soft-sell voice has been used nationally for Trojan and other clients requiring sultry, romantic reads.

Kelley Buttrick...always smiling, prepared, and early to the session. That alone makes her a pleasure to book. But there's more...she strives for excellence and brings enthusiasm and energy to every voiceover project. She makes my job as a director easy.


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