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Can a corporation have a personality?

Corporate production genres are vast and can include website videos, eLearning, B2B, sales projects, trade show usage, product launch resources, case studies, in-store, live events, award presentations, employee training, brand storytelling and so many more.

What is vital is that all of these varied communications reflect the personality of the corporation and that the personality is as consistent as the pantone color, font and logo marketers are handcuffed to in print work.

“Creating a personality for your brand is one thing but maintaining that throughout all forms of communications and interactions with consumers/clients can be difficult. It is all too easy to let the personality slip, to say something that doesn’t fit, to use a visual that doesn’t work. By doing this you are giving mixed messages to your audience which only serve to create distrust,” said Brian McKay of Hub.

One way to create a consistent brand personality for a corporation is to give the brand a consistent voice.  Broadcast media outlets have been living this concept for decades.

None of us will ever be able to hear “This is CNN,” in any voice other than that of the great James Earl Jones.  Radio and television stations use a consistent voice for imaging giving their station a sound that reflects their programming.  It’s time for businesses to think consistency beyond their visual image.

If a customer experiences a different look, feel, or voice in one or more of the channels your company uses to communicate, it instantly dilutes their trust and confidence,” said Laura Petrolino of BigBrandSystem.

As a former PR professional, Kelley Buttrick understands the value of a consistent voice for corporate productions and brand storytelling.  Her corporate narrations can be the voice of a conversational coworker, friendly human resources professional, engaging executive, authoritative corporate trainer, tech guru—Whatever the message, Kelley conforms her voice to match it.  Companies using Kelley’s VO include: Amazon, Carnival, The CDC, Disney, Clinique, Franklin Templeton, Proctor & Gamble, IBM and many others.

Kelley Buttrick...always smiling, prepared, and early to the session. That alone makes her a pleasure to book. But there's more...she strives for excellence and brings enthusiasm and energy to every voiceover project. She makes my job as a director easy.


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