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As collegiate offerings are expanding, so too are their target audiences. Universities and colleges are offering so much more than degrees to recent high school graduates. Today, academic institutions are offering accelerated advanced degree programs for working professionals, opportunities for those who left college to complete their studies and offering off-campus learning and flexible hours to accommodate those students who are working and/or raising a family.

Here are some interesting facts about the changing face of college students:

  • Recent high school graduates account for only 25% of today’s university students
  • 49% of people seeking a degree are enrolled part-time
  • 38% of students are working full time
  • 27% are also caring for children at home.

(National Center for Educational Statistics)

What are academia’s marketing departments and ad agencies doing to reach these market segments?

They are engaging adults on social media, creating videos for their websites highlighting working adult programs and advertising on media outlets targeting adult learners. This marketing content features both actual adult students and actors representing adult students, and the VO is skewing in the 25-45 age range.

According the Los Angles Times, “Colleges can better attract and retain returning and adult students by delivering targeted messages that promote education as the key to workplace achievement and professional happiness. University marketing efforts should match educational demographic shifts and support recruiting success with strong brand position. Perhaps most importantly, marketers must let older adults know that they can flourish and thrive in the modern postsecondary learning environment.”

Kelley Buttrick is a nationally-experienced voiceover talent who has voiced spots that engage busy executives who need an advanced degree to continue their climb up the corporate as well as advertisements that speak to high-school parents with a been-there-done-that mom tone. Kelley was the VO used on a recent national PSA for the University of Arkansas playing on every televised football and basketball game.

Kelley Buttrick...always smiling, prepared, and early to the session. That alone makes her a pleasure to book. But there's more...she strives for excellence and brings enthusiasm and energy to every voiceover project. She makes my job as a director easy.


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