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Mood Magnet

How many times a day do you get asked, “How are you?”

With the Mood Magnet, you don’t have to say a word. Let your coworkers, clients, friends and family know if you’re feeling amused, hangry, predatory, hysterical, bewildered or a host of other options all illustrated by a wave form of the word itself, voiced by me of course.

Big thanks to Sara Noto for bringing this idea to life visually.

Shoot me your snail mail address, and my team and I will send you a magnet.

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Kelley Buttrick is a professional voiceover talent whose pre-VO life included stints in marketing, PR and media. She colors outside of professional lines, becoming great friends with many of her clients. They get together and love to brainstorm cool (FREE) stuff that people in creative fields find helpful. Kelley's voiceover credits include commercials and narrations for brands like McDonald’s, IBM, Michelin, Country Crock, Feeding America, Centers for Disease Control, Sport Clips, Clinique, ESPN, Disney and many more.

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Don't worry.  I'm a voiceover talent not a spammer.

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