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Winning for Losing


You can’t win for losing…but can you?

I’m not an ad agency creative or professional content producer, just a voiceover talent.  So why submit for an award outside of my industry (and my comfort zone)?

Because while I knew I’d never bring home the bling, seven of the country’s top creatives from the industry that hires VO talents had to listen to my voice…eight times.

What did I shake around in front of them?  Eight different video elements (all voiced by me of course) from my trailblazing KB4Jeep campaign where I used my Jeep story to pitch the brand on using my voice.  I’ve been a Jeep owner for years and have loved them since I was a little kid.

As a voiceover talent with a long-list of national credits, I wanted to do what I love for a brand that I love.  You can take a little road trip through the KB4Jeep campaign here:  KB4Jeep.com

Yep, for less than $200, my money maker was on display to people who cast voiceover talent.  It’s worth repeating, they HAD to listen to me on eight different projects!  I’d call that win.


My ADDY “win” was exposure to potential voice-over clients, so I did it again.

The Telly Awards are another advertising/production industry competition judged by people who can hire VO talents, and I entered that one too.

Shocker…I actually won!  Not just one but FOUR Telly Awards including their highest honor, a Silver Telly Award for my overall KB4Jeep campaign.


Having flown down to live-announce the Orlando ADDY Awards for years and as a member of the Atlanta Ad Club, I knew the competition attracted the best of the best from the industry.  Being that Atlanta is a huge market, it drew judges who are in the top tier of advertising creatives.  Exposure to them would be invaluable, but it was February and freezing!

Oh, and I had to cram my year and half long off-road marketing road trip into less than 90 seconds.  No doubt, residents along the street I was driving up and down filming this video thought I was insane cruising around in the middle of winter with the top down talking to myself while trying to maneuver a 6-speed. Yeah, that may have been a little crazy, but crazy like a fox.  Did I mention seven of the top people from the advertising industry had to listen to me eight times?

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