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Meet Sherri

Sherri Sherri the Money Fairy is my special name for the brilliant bookkeeper who is WAY more skilled than her position wrangling the numbers for my business though, trust me, this is no easy task.

Sherri is also WAY more than my bookkeeper. She is one of my best friends.

We bonded in a bathroom line before her second race and my first. While we knew each other through our children, our friendship began while pushing our bodies to the limit and solving all the problems of the known universe on training runs.

We ran local 5Ks. She ran half marathons (and even one marathon) and encouraged me to tackle half marathons. We spent a fun weekend on Tybee Island for the Critz Run Fest. For several years, we loved running our local AthHalf where we explored our town (and local bands) via our own to feet. Next up, she’s talked me into running through the woods all day as part of lite Ragnar race this fall.

I always knew she was smart, but holy cow y’all, she is SMART! She has an undergrad in finance and economics (St. Cloud State) and a master’s in finance (University of Illinois). For two years, she worked as a financial analyst for Bell Sports, the helmet folks. She did the books for many divisions, but auto racing group was her favorite. Through that job, she got to experience auto racing from the pits during the Indy 500 practices and hobnobbed with the racers and their crews.

After having her three sons, she applied her analytical skills to the benefit of their schools. While the president of the PTO, she was behind more than $170,000 in donations to her youngest’s elementary school. She served on PTO boards at all the schools her sons attended.

In addition, she and her business partner started their own company providing discount card fundraisers to other school systems replicating the phenomenal fundraising they were able to accomplish for her son’s elementary school.

Sherri is an angel! Her heart is huge, and honestly, I think she accepted the number wrangling job because she knew how stressed it made me. She has yanked that monkey off my back and given me complete peace of mind keeping up with my income and expenses. I don’t know what I’d do without her brain, but the real treasure is her friendship.

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