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Meet Pitter

Pitter Goughnour is not only one of my dearest friends, she’s also one of the most gifted photographers I’ve ever encountered.

Years ago, I got a strange phone call, “Hey, Kell. It’s Pitter. I need you to voice something.” I had absolutely no idea who this person with the odd name was, but she was offering me a job so I was game. Not only did I voice for her client, that job earned me one of my most treasured friendships.

Many of our conversations start with, “So I have this crazy idea…” Transforming crazy ideas into extraordinary reality is one of Pitter’s specialties since she is the trifecta of technical skill, marketing intuition and an artist’s eye. She executes the impossible.

With her genuine gift of bringing a person or brand’s story to life through the lens of her camera, Pitter makes the invisible visible and is amazing at capturing passion in a picture. Those of us who work with her call it getting “Pitterized.”

My business, KB Voiceovers, has been Pitterized many times over the years. Pitter brings my business actions to life like when she recently transformed my passion for the Jeep brand and VO into a visual story for a marketing effort.

In addition to being a gifted photographer, Pitter is also killer lens candy. The camera loves her, and so do her clients. Check out Pitter Productions Photography’s visual storytelling for families, brands, corporations, actors and of course, voiceover talents at PitterPhotography.com. You can also find her on social media: Facebook, Instagram.

Just some of the clients that trust Kelley with their message...

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