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Meet My Beasts

My studio beasts, Heidi & Gypsy, guard the VO booth between snores and vigilantly keep the studio decked in happy dog vibes.

Recording at outside studios, agencies and in-house production departments, many times there are critters around to liven up the place. They inspired my upcoming Studio Beasts photo blog and Instagram account, celebrating our non-human creative coworkers.

Do you have a:

  • production pooch?
  • creative agency kitty?
  • furred/finned/feathered or scaled studio beast?

To shine a spotlight on your beast, check out Studio Beasts.

Heidi started life in a dumpster. As soon as I saw those soulful eyes on Petfinder.com, I knew she was going to join our family. Terrified of thunder and better than any meteorologist, she knows when a storm is on the way. So do I because I see her nose smashed up against my booth door wanting to get into the “box of silence” a.k.a. my Studiobricks sound booth.

We aren’t quite sure Gypsy is 100% dog. A dead ringer for Falkor the Luck Dragon from the Neverending Story, I found Gypsy running down a country road narrowly missing getting hit by a pickup truck. We don’t know her history, but she never hesitates to share what’s currently on her mind barking, snorting, grunting and wagging her entire tail end.

As soon as I say, “Let’s go to work!” They dash down to my studio ready for a busy day ahead full of naps, treats…and more naps.

Please consider sharing your animal colleagues with Studio Beasts. It’s easy! All we need are some pics of your beastie at work, in the yard, as copilot, wherever you inspire each other.

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