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Meet Carson

To introduce myself, my name is Carson Faircloth, and I’m a rising senior and public relations major at the University of Georgia. I’m also Kelley’s intern/assistant – whichever rolls easier off the tongue – for this upcoming year. In short, this means I help organize ongoing projects, promote her achievements in the media, and try to keep a functioning schedule for everything we want to accomplish.

What really drew me to this position, and public relations as a career path, was the flexibility of it. I love that I can do any number of things on a given day, from social media scheduling, to writing pitches for publications and podcasts.

I’m also an avid writer – both professionally and in my spare time – and if my introductory PR classes taught me anything, it’s that writing is crucial for this job. When I’m not writing, I’m usually reading or trying to find an excuse to go for a walk or take a cruise in my car, which I call “Bee” (and I firmly believe that all cars should have a name). As a gift for graduating salutatorian of my high school class, Bee is my pride and joy, though the fact that I drive an obnoxiously bright yellow-and-black-striped vehicle doesn’t seem to fit into my subtle personality.

I grew up and graduated high school in the volunteer state of Tennessee, but you will absolutely never catch me in orange. Go, Dawgs!

At home, I have my adorable but persnickety cat (who I’ve had since I was 4 years old), an overgrown Great Pyrenees that looks more like a small polar bear, and my sweet boy Indiana, the horse I’ve ridden since I was 12.

As for my plans after graduation, I’m sure my parents would agree when I say I would love to land a job in the PR world, somewhere I could put my writing, event-planning, and social media skills to use. My ideal job would be adaptable enough to provide fresh projects and to-do lists every day, keeping me on my toes and in love with my job. That is, after all, the dream!

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