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Inspired by the brand itself, I veered off of my smooth road paved with great agents and repeat clients to live the Jeep mantra: Go Anywhere, Do Anything. #KB4Jeep is a one-of-a-kind marketing effort to prove I am the voice of any terrain. How does it end? We don’t know yet, but we’re hoping it’s a happy one.


The Justification

Why should Jeep book my voice? Let me tell ya…

  • Experience: I’ve voiced national ads for major brands like Michelin, L’Oreal, Country Crock, Sport Clips, McDonald’s, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Pampers, Nature Valley and many more.
  • Authenticity: My husband and I have owned Jeeps since we were engaged and currently have three in the family. We’ll have four when I buy my new Jeep Wrangler JL.
  • Passion: I’ve loved Jeep since I was a kid riding in my awesome stepdad’s restored Jeep Willys along Lake Michigan.
  • I’m Female: Studies show women are driving up SUV sales. There are more women drivers than men and in 10 years women will represent 2/3 of consumer wealth. Plus, 85-95% of all car buying decisions are made by women.

Who better to be the voice of Jeep than an experienced voiceover talent who owns Jeeps, has a passion for the brand and whose voice appeals to the lucrative female market?

The Story

Fueled by Jeep’s four core values of Freedom, Adventure, Authenticity and Passion, I want to do what I love (VO) for a brand I love (Jeep).

I tapped into my vast network of creative friends to launch a full-scale marketing campaign pitching my voice to Jeep, the likes of which had never been done before including videos, email blasts, branded promo items, snail mail, social media, PR and paid advertising. I even looked into a billboard right outside of FCA headquarters but you have to draw the line somewhere, right?

After investing money, time and a huge chunk of my heart into KB4Jeep, I haven’t been booked to voice for Jeep… yet. But, my crazy off-road adventure scored its share of wins:

  • KB4Jeep owned almost 25% of Jeep’s Twitter voice
  • KB4Jeep garnered more than $75,000 in free publicity
  • KB4Jeep won four Telly Awards
  • KB4Jeep increased my bottom line by more than 30%

What blew me away and humbled me to the core were the hundreds of cards, emails, posts, private messages and texts from people both in and outside of the voiceover industry saying KB4Jeep inspired them to go after their own dream jobs.


Forget a village. It’s taken an entire metropolis of creative, hard-working and very patient people to make this campaign happen! There is a special dynamic when hiring people who are also friends. It’s magic.

Other than the tick Edwin found on his back after laying on the ground to set up a shot, no blood was shed and no one was hurt, but we sure had a lot of fun.

The Team

  • Talent Agent Representation: Jeffrey Umberger, Umberger Agency
  • Photography: Pitter Productions
  • Graphic Design: Notobella
  • Audio Post and Male VO: Zak Miller, 50to1 Studios
  • Original Digital Marketing Agency & Video Production: Prolifik
  • Creative Consultation: Lisa Biggs, Ron Huey, Sara Waters, and Jim Spruell
  • Super Intern: Paige Smith
  • Grammar Guru: Allison Floyd
  • Media Pitches:  See Spark Go
  • Website Redesign:  MONSTERS Unlimited
  • New Video Content Producers:  Kelley Buttrick, Zak Miller, Mystery Joe, Max Henry, Christina van Allen
  • Printing: Athens Printing
  • Friends Willing to Share Their Talents and Lend a Hand: Dr. David Gaines, Ashley Harp Sheppard, Missy Minardi, John Spalding, Holly Craig, Brian John, Sam Hudson, Andrew Coffman, Tony Messano, The Jeep Mafia, Sarah Freeman, UGA’s Creative Consultants, Grady College Dean Charles N. Davis, Chris Taylor-34 Degrees North Land Art, AthSanta and my wonderful family


Being a total research nerd, Kelley had a blast digging up vintage Jeep ads and crafting modern messages for the snail mail pitches.

Just some of the clients that trust Kelley with their message...

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