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I’m Just Sayin’

Shouted it from my soapbox for years. Now, data proves it. A woman’s voice works!

This great article, by Pierre Bouvard, summarizes multiple studies. Here are my nine favorite points from it:


  • “Female-voiced ads drive greater consumer response than the same ads voiced by a man.”  (Sequent Partners)
  • “Results showed that both men and women preferred female voices in radio creative.” (Advertising Benchmark Index-ABX)
  • “Female-voiced ads performed better on the dimensions of authenticity, trust and uniqueness.” (Veritonic)
  • “Westwood One commissioned four separate studies of 284 radio ads that prove women should have more of a starring role in audio creative.”
  • “Nielsen found significant lift in brand awareness among both men and women exposed to the female-voiced ad. “
  • “Auto dealer association AM/FM radio ads voiced by women were some of the best testing creative among both men and women. “ (Veritonic)
  • “Women impact over 90% of purchases for vacations, new homes, food and grocery and medications.  They impact 80% of all healthcare purchases and two-thirds of computer and auto purchases.  Women have immense spending power but are underrepresented in ad creative.” (IPG)
  • “Women rated female-voiced ads better for favorability, brand recall, relevance, memorability and engagement than male-voiced creative.  Women preferred hearing voices like their own on the radio.” (Westwood One/Sequent Partners)
  • “Creative is powerful.  Creative voiced by women is even more powerful.  Armed with conclusive findings on the significant impact of female creative, it’s time for advertisers to leverage the female voice as a strong and powerful solution to connect with audiences and drive sales.” (Pierre Bouvard)

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