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Free Honey

“Eating honey is a very good thing to do.”

Do you want some free honey? I’ll send you a taste or two of whatever I’m loving this month, if you shoot your name and mailing address to kb@kbvoiceovers.com.

Currently, I’m digging Sleeping Bear from my home state of Michigan and Bear Hug from right here in Athens.

I looooove honey and keep a vase full of honey straws in my VO booth, pick up local honey whenever we travel, and drizzle honey on just about everything. What’s so great about honey?

  • Energy Booster
  • Sweetens Tea
  • Soothes Throat
  • Great on Toast or a Bagel
  • Feeds a Sweet Tooth

This excerpt from The Secret Life of Bees paints a lovely picture of some of the wonderful uses for honey.

“We lived for honey. We swallowed a spoonful in the morning to wake us up and one at night to put us to sleep. We took it with every meal to calm the mind, give us stamina and prevent fatal disease. We swabbed ourselves in it to disinfect cuts or heal chapped lips…Honey was the ambrosia of the gods and the shampoo of the goddesses.”
-Sue Monk Kidd, The Secret Life of Bees

Again, I’d love to share some of my favorite honey with you to see for yourself how awesome honey is. If you want a taste, email me your name and snail mail.­­­­­

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