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Never been flipped in a kayak…until recently.

Literally, soaked up some first-hand lessons as I was dashing over the rapids next to rather than inside of my kayak.

  1. No matter how experienced you are, there are always new lessons to be learned.
  2. Fight your instinct and lean into rather than away from an obstacle.
  3. No cute turtle picture is worth removing your iPhone from the dry bag.

Thanks to the wonderful folks of the Atlanta Outdoor Club on our Chestatee River adventure, I was able to recover most of my stuff (iPhone was sacrificed to the river) and most of my composure. What a fun, welcoming group of people! Heidi taught me how to spot the deepest water flows when going over baby rapids, and thanks to her, I didn’t tip over again the rest of trip. Here’s what my last run of baby rapids looks like when done right.

“A man of wisdom delights in water.”

— Confucius

Just some of the clients that trust Kelley with their message...

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