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Creative Work & Pets

Pets inspire and fuel creative work. Science says so.

Do you work with a pet who inspires you? At StudioBeasts, we celebrate pets who inspire creatives. Here’s what university professors and scientist have discovered:

  • Talk It Out: Talking to your pet means you’re smart and creative according to Nicolas Epsey, a professor at the University of Chicago.
  • Buh-Bye Stress: Leap over two of the biggest barriers to creativity, stress and anxiety. Simply petting or playing with a pet changes the chemical makeup of your blood slashing stress-causing hormones and pumping up stress-releasing hormones according to a study by Virginia Commonwealth University. The Center for Disease Control says enjoying time with your pet also decreases blood pressure and heart rate.
  • Creativity Moves & Focuses: When your body is moving, your mind is moving. Since dogs need walking, grab a leash and go. The Journal of Experimental Psychology reported going for a walk increases creative thinking and output by 60%. According to Scientific American, pets in the workplace provide a positive diversion. Other articles mention that pets require employees to get up and take a quick break, increasing focus when they return to a project.

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