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Um, What?

My brilliant friends and I made some cool (FREE) stuff for creatives like you. Take a look. Want any? Don’t worry. I’m a voice talent, not a spammer. Just fill out the name/email form and we’ll send them to you right away.

Time Your Script App

Calculate how long your project will be using word count or cut and pasting your script. It’s a mobile app too!

Mood Magnet

We’ll send you this fun spin on a mood magnet so you always have an answer to the questions “How are you.”


This printable planner helps you get things done, take notes, track social media, prioritize and organize your day.

Magic Voice Potions

Lost your voice? Check out the remedies used by those of us who can’t afford to lose our money makers.

Creative Cootie Catcher

Here’s a fun creative kickstarter you can print, fold and use as inspiration when you hit a wall. It provides quick, easy ideas to trigger creativity.

Thankful In No Time

Journaling – Great idea, but who has the time? Be grateful, record memories and set aspirations in less than 8 minutes a day with this printable download.


Honey is my go-to. I consume a lot of honey every single work day keeping my voice in tip-top shape. Want to try some of my favorite varieties?

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Don't worry.  I'm a voiceover talent not a spammer.

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Don't worry.  I'm a voiceover talent not a spammer.

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