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The Business Practice Playlist takes an alternative spin on music, mixing it into business advice for people working creative fields. While I write many of them, guest Blog Jockeys are invited to lay down some verse highlighting song-inspired ideas in their work lives. We can all learn so much from each other, and everybody likes music, right?

Hi. I’m Kelley Buttrick. Songs have always spoken to me, though not always the way the lyricist intended. While some people use music to inspire workouts and love stories, as a voiceover talent running a creative business in the gig economy, I use music as business practice inspiration.

Wish I Knew You

The Revivalists sing about lost time, while DJ Kelley Buttrick ponders the advice she would give to her younger self.

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You Gotta Be

A. Kenyatta Greer discusses this Des’Ree song and how it relates to raising creative children modeled from fearlessness, curiosity, love.

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The Middle

Jimmy Eats World sings about feeling excluded, while DJ Kelley Buttrick dives into ways to fight Imposter Syndrome.

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Honky Cat

DJ Joe Schum talks about how this Elton John classic focuses on change and moving forward toward something bigger and better.

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Hello, Fear

In this Dear John letter to fear, blogger A. Kenyatta Greer discusses Kirk Franklin’s song and how you can warn fear not to ever come back.

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DJ Kelley Buttrick recalls the memories of her best friend and guide Zak Miller.

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Gardening at Night

DJ John Spalding discusses this R.E.M. gem as a metaphor for running a successful consulting/freelance practice.

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Jet Airliner

The Steve Miller Band sings about airplanes, while DJ Kelley Buttrick baits the hook with a travel question.

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DJ Corey Davis talks about the power of finding something that you can look forward to doing and the success that will come with it.

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Dig Down

Muse wasn’t talking about facing a challenge, but DJ Kelley Buttrick mixes their political statement into business advice.

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Critical Mistakes

888 focused on a felony, but DJ Kelley Buttrick spins the question what can we learn from our business mistakes?

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